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Sponsor a Child

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

Today Education is the most powerful weapon in the world, only Education helps a family to grow in a better way.
We estimate around 250,000 children in Punjab and the surrounding areas that need sponsorship immediately. if every family living in the West were to sponsor just one child, we would be well on the way to saving an entire generation in no time at all.

It’s costs you just 50 pence a day to change a life.

List Of All Awaiting Students
Age : 9 Years
Gender : Male
Class : 4th
Gurkaran Singh
EPP No : 11684
Area : Sangroor, Punjab
Family History : ssa ji I am Gurkaran Singh from Sangrur. I want to become a Police officer , but , my father can't afford my fees due to his low earning. I need your kind Support for my further education .
Age : 7 Years
Gender : Male
Class : 9th
Kabal Singh
EPP No : 10643
Area : Gurdaspur, Punjab
Family History : I am Kabal Singh from Gurdaspur . My father is doing labour job and mother is father is unable to pay huge amount of my fees but I want to do study. So, please help me .
Age : 13 Years
Gender : Female
Class : 10th
Khuspreet Kaur
EPP No : 11400
Area : Sangrur, Punjab
Family History : Ssa ji I am Khuspreet Kaur fro sangrur. I want to become a Army officer, my father can`t pay my fee,m belonging to a poorfamily. please help me for my studies.
Age : 17 Years
Gender : Female
Class : B.Sc 1st yer
Loveleen Kaur
EPP No : 11064
Area : Moga, Punjab
Family History : Hello, I am Loveleen kaur from Moga. My Father does labour Work ,thus he feels helpless to send me to school. but my dreams are high and want to be an Engineer. Please bless me with your kind support...
Age : 11 Years
Gender : Male
Class : 6th
Panthpreet Singh
EPP No : 11652
Area : Ferozpur, Punjab
Family History : Hello , I am Panthpreet singh from Ferozpur. My father is farmer. It is very difficult for him to run our house even. He has wish to make me well Educated but his low income doesn't allow him to do ...
Age : 12 Years
Gender : Male
Class : 8th
Trunjeet Singh
EPP No : 11603
Area : Barnala, Punjab
Family History : Hello, I am Tarunjeet singh From Barnala. My Father is a driver and he has very low earning and can only bare Bread butter for whole family. It is very difficult to him to pay my school expanses. but...
Age : 8 Years
Gender : Female
Class : 2nd
EPP No : 11054
Area : Tarn Taran, Punjab
Family History : ssa ji I am Vaisnavi from Tarn Taran, m belonging to a poor family my father can`t afford my school fee. please help me for my studies.