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Please sponsor at least one child for the education. Your 100% money will go to education of sponsored child and we will connect you to sponsored child so that you can see their progress and share their achievements.

All of our services is centralized to the welfare of the children. We serve the child with education and everything they need (Stationary, Uniform, Bus fare and books).

Program schedule in USA

Thanks for supporting Educate Punjab Project.
You will be glad to know that our team is in USA.
We will be very happy if you visit us, it will be a great motivation to us.
You can sponsor students / ask questions / donate / can give your next installment, by meeting our team members S. Jaswinder Singh Ji and S. Bachan Singh Ji at the programs.
Program details are as follows:
At Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple West Sacramento, on 15 March, Saturday around 6pm
At Fremont Gurdwara Sahib on 16 March, Saturday around 6pm
At Sikh Gurdwara San Jose on 17 March, Sunday from 10 am to 5pm
For any other query please contact us freely.

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